of skateboarding

Skateboarding is perhaps the most difficult sport I’ve ever done. I like to think about skateboarding as living a life.

  • You can’t step on the skateboard and expect it to move, you have to constantly push to make it go. Likewise, life doesn’t simply give you what you want, you’ve gotta work to earn it.
  • You can’t be stiff or rigid to ride a skateboard. You ride a skateboard with uncertainties & risks. And you’re bound to have accidents. Life is full of variables and changes too. The only way to go with it is none but adapting. You will fail but then you will stand up again.
  • Mark Gonzales mentioned in the video, every time he steps on the skateboard it feels like his first time. I do resonate with it. Life itself evolves, experience makes you wise but sometimes you’ve gotta throw all your experience out of the window to be open and learn new stuff. I couldn’t remember who had said this but I’ve stolen it as my motto “life is not what you learned from the text books 10 years ago

Maybe I should take Jemmy out for a roll tomorrow.

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