What’s your design alter-ego? #funFriday

Find your design alter-ego here.

I’m La Cube (what a name?!), postmodern challenger of ideas!

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.05.24 AM

What’s a postmodernist?

“… an obsessive tendency to recycle the past to make something new, and often, just plain silliness.”

HAHAHA. Says quite true about me eh?

That part about “challenge the status quo at every turn, forcing people to re-examine their bland choices“, read: Jenny gets bored with everything easily and fast, she likes to destruct stuff. Jenny also likes to bug the shit out of people by giving them random questions at random timing, mostly questioning their decisions. Nothing harmful, she just wants to know how people think. Okay, enough of me speaking from the 3rd person’s perspective, kind of creepy though.


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