just a random moment

I stumbled upon this screenshot while looking through a folder of archived photos in my previous job. I must have thought this was really funny. In fact, if I’m not wrong I have countless of similar conversations. Foolish indeed but always cracks me up.

I love to think that I have carried 2 friends (or my imaginary sister and brother?) away with me since then. Sometimes, it’s quite overwhelming looking back at the good times i had during those 7 months. She said: having fun at work means you are actually enjoying work. It was incomparably so.much.fun.

For my last two endeavors, I always received a text wishing me the best on my first day at work. I was never expecting that but I remember I was really happy to get the text :D.
It just came to my mind that I will start a new job tomorrow but this time, I will not expect to receive a text (cos he doesn’t know when I will start) #justsaying.

I can’t wait to see those favourite people of mine again soon. If only I can carry you guys with me everywhere I go, I know I will be well taken care of.

Giraffe, if you come across this and think "meh? I never care for you", it’s okay! I like to think so for myself and I don’t need your approval lol.

Wish me luck!


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