In 30 days, my startup will be dead

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> In 30 days, my startup will be be dead

This link is circulated on my Facebook feeds like wildfire. I give it to the writer that he’s being damn honest and hats off to him for being so brave sliding on the fear.

However, when reading what’s written, I couldn’t help but feeling this guy is putting a blame on everyone. Let me explain myself.

1. “We listened to our investors

I always believe entrepreneurs are a bunch of awesome problem solvers who pursue a cause and desire to save the world (at the same time earning money and fame of course). That said, in my admiration, entrepreneurs are brave heroes who would fight the fiercest winds, ride the highest waves, fall the most horrendous fall and bounce back brushing the dust off their butts to keep walking. (The reality is: not all entrepreneurs might not this cinematic. Behind the coolest-awesome-next-big-thing-wanna-be they are working on, perhaps the pressure is mostly on money-related matters – that I understand.)

So when you say “we listened to our investors“, you mean you were building a product/ a company for your investors?
When did this “providing (in a small way at least) for the needs of my family and that of my co-founder” stop mattering? And why did you let it or your gut feeling overshadowed by investors’ advice?

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to diss on the role of investors here. I’m questioning the entrepreneur’s point of view because I am not persuaded that “listening to investors” can be a mistake.

2. I really love my co-founder. It’s an enduring bromance that will last a lifetime. He’s a talented executor, supportive listener and I trust him entirely. However, he left me alone in the cold. He didn’t mean to do this, he didn’t even realize he did. I became the guy who would “do-it-all”. Biz Dev, check. Product Management, check. Support, check. Accounting, check. PR, check. Ad Copy, check. Development Lead, check. While he took complete ownership over design (and really excelling at it).

Obviously, this is miscommunication and misalignment in skill sets plus expectations.

When you came to realize that your cofounder has left you in the cold, why didn’t you do anything about it? If you never tried to iron this out but just endured it to come to this point where you only shout ‘you left me cold dude‘, then I think something is really wrong with you.

3. “This week, I need to speak to the other founder and fire our first employee before he leaves on a planned vacation. He’s a good developer, but I won’t fucking make payroll next week if I don’t clear him and his severance out of the company.”

You have no choice left that you have to do this. I just hope your good developer would hear about the clearance from you than anything else generated from this blogpost. That would be pretty painful I reckon.

Anyways, I truly hope some magic would happen to you and your team will all be fine.


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