Jetstar Friday Fare Frenzy newsletter in #sghaze

jetstar sghaze 1

I thought Jetstar was being so cool that she could offer me (and us – people in Singapore suffering from the haze craze) some cheap getaway options this weekend. Seriously, the copy did really nail it and I have never felt this excited scrolling down to find the deals than ever.

jetstar sghaze 2

Disappointingly, the travel dates are only available in a while, mostly from July onwards. I’m inclined to think that most of us are being stuck at home, hiding in an air-coned room and worrying up to how much the PUB bill can shoot this month and of course burning to hear what the Government is about to do next to help the situation. I’m not sure how the majority feel about this but personally I would fancy having a retreat now, rather than paying for one later when my health – the most important asset has probably gone rouge by then 😀

Also, I notice a number of my friends with families are contemplating bringing their kids out of the island for a short break now. So what we need indeed is amazing deals for this immediate weekend, not those in a month 😦

Nah, this doesn’t help Jetstar.

However, to be fair and reasonable, I guess it requires a lot of work to churn out promotions and I’d think it’s almost tricky for the good people in Jetstar to facilitate something like this at the 11th hour.

Well, if there’s something I could recommend to improve the EDM, I would tackle the copy. Suggestion below, but bear in mind I’m not a professional copywriter. Do not take my words at the face value. I’m only trying to tweak the angle a little bit and try to manage the expectation of consumers who resonate with my thoughts. #isolvemyownproblem

Hi Jenny,

We know the haze is making your days unpleasant. You can’t vacuum the haze away and you feel trapped indoors, like forever. We are all in this together. While we at Jetstar are hoping the haze will go away at the soonest and doing whatever we can, the least that we can offer you is some amazing deals that you should check out below.

Why not treating yourself to greener pastures or fresh breeze by the beach? Your health, the most important asset deserves a fresher and cleaner air after putting up so much with the haze. So make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to be rejuvenated. 

There is time like this when the grass is really greener on the other side. Wait no more and get jet off with this week’s Friday Fare Frenzy!

Sale ends 21 June 2013 (6pm SGT), unless sold out prior. Sale may be extended. Sale fare prices quoted below are all one way and in Singapore dollars.

Take care and don’t forget to put your mask on.

From the team at Jetstar.

Okay I was trying my best, hope I have managed to get my point across.

By the way, I personally don’t like “hi there”. When I receive an EDM with “Hi there”, the first thing I think of is whoever developing the newsletter is just lazy to include the name tag or the sender doesn’t really care what my name is or just doesn’t have my name. When someone tells me “Hi there”, the thing that will come to my mind is either “Not me” or “You already forget my name or what?”. Anyways, such a random pet peeve. But I do prefer “Hi Jenny” or “Hey Jenny” though 😀

Take care people.


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