I came to Singapore with a Tuition Grant sponsored by MOE which covered 80% of my school fee. NUS lent me the balance of 20% of my school fee. In return, upon graduation I have to:
1. Pay NUS the borrowed 20% of my school fee (est. 40k)
2. Work for Singapore-registered companies for 3 years

I have settled point (1) quite a long while ago. And today point (2).

After so much hesitation with getting my ass off to do the paperwork, I have finally, YES FINALLY, cleared my bond 😀

In fact, the bond clearance doesn’t really involve any paperwork per se. What I did was only:
1. filled in a simple form on TGOnline
2. updated my employment history
3. uploaded scan copies of all the contracts plus employment certification letters (that I asked from all companies before I left)
4. submitted all my notices of tax assessments

And that’s done. Kian Tong in MOE is super responsive and helpful. I gotta thank him/her for processing my bond clearance so quickly, thanks Kian Tong!

Now that I’m officially debt-free and bond-free, this is gonna make my parents happier.

So those are two things crossed in my imaginary life checklist, phew! I guess this however doesn’t have any major impact on my life now. I’ll still be working and saving up, business as usual 😀

Clearly something to be happy about on a hazy day.

PS: Nothing about the picture, it’s just that his name is Bond. Related right? LOL! #lamejoke #shitlamerssay



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