@vibease #echelon13


Dema came to talk to my friend Joyce when we were hanging on the gigantic bean bags and he introduced to us the super uber cool … Vibease!!!.

Vibease promises to bring your fantasy to life and when coupled with its Android app, it takes your personal Vibease experience to the next level.

I have tried it … on my hand and honestly I can’t tell how awesome it is. I haven’t even held a normal vibrator before so I really can’t compare. The only thing I know is it looks pretty cute. Small and handy, far better-looking than how usually ridiculous a dildo looks (on the Internet for me). The color pink works just nice for ladies if I may generalize, and it matched my neon pink watch and my pants perfectly that day as if i should have been the one going around and talking about it.

Of course, Dema demo-ed how it works to us … on his fingers as well while he explained the shape and function. I seriously don’t know how to describe it without sounding vulgar but I would dare to say it … makes sense.

While I and Joyce were excited checking out this little toy, some people around gave us some judgmental looks. Chill people… this is year 2013 and everyone no matter gender all deserves to be happy. As long as we are legally happy, all is good 😀

So, head to Vibease website and support them, http://www.vibease.com/.

You can watch the promo video here, however what’s shown on the video was the previous prototype. The new one is as shown on the website and it looks really cute, just like that.


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