i’m a little too passionate about sunblocks

Look at the sun protection products that I’m having!

I remember the idea of using sunblock struck into my mind when I saw a friend of mine post a picture of a wrinkly woman on Facebook and she wrote “shit i should have listened to my mom and start using sunblock now“.

The picture was so impactful that I decided immediately I had to use sunblock too. Since then, I was pretty crazy about this sun protection thing.

And as I recently discovered some premature wrinkles on my eye ends, I’ve got a little crazier.

That explains why every time I walk into Watsons or any drugstores when I travel, the 2nd area I’ll go to after getting the thing I actually want to get is where all the sun creams are. That happened with my Japan trip lately and that’s how i’ve got so many tubes there.

So, I’ve been super anal about this whole thing and all my friends – guys and girls get the “hey you have to use sunblock ok!” at the same rate of how often I tell my smoker friends “stop smoking dude/babe, it’ll killing you!“. I’m too serious to the point that my client was concerned if I was selling sunblocks as a sideline job.

I kid you not. You should get your skin protected.

In fact, I’m pretty itched with the reality that it seems only girls/women are educated to use sunblock to prevent themselves from skin cancer and wrinkles and dry skin etc. How about our boys and beloved men? Why are all the SPF ads showing girls’ faces and all the commercials advertising men are mostly picking up on the ‘be-a-cool-man’ factor? Seriously, men won’t get skin cancer or wrinkly faces or chappy crocodile skin when being overly exposed to the sun over a period of time? Well, I would think all the beauty brands that produce face products for men should educate their female customers about protecting their skin from sun lights or whatsoever already.

Sorry I digress.

Anyway, I happened to see a pineapple neck today and it freaked the shit out of me. I literally don’t know why this lady unfortunately gets a neck like this but I would guess this is due to the lack of sunblock and moisturizer. I swear I will never leave my house if I don’t have a generous amount of sunblock on my face, neck and arms from now. And I will make sure my boyfriend and mother and father and sister do the same thing for their own sake.

And you, whoever reading my blog, should use sunblock as well. Get yours handy and start with SPF50 if I may recommend.

To the lady in the picture: I’m sorry that you have such a creepy neck. I hope you won’t get offended that I sneakily snapped a picture of you and used it on my blog. Just so you know that your picture helps me get my points cross hopefully and that’s said, you’re doing everyone a favor.


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