Cadbury – repackaged #funFriday

Once upon a time, when I was leaving my first agency job and serving its notice period, I and Wendy often hung around at the office’s pantry and talked about random stuff. Most of the time, stuff that we found interesting. And of course, complaints and rants to balance out our days.

At that time, we had just moved to the new office. Everything had not been in place yet. Plastic utensils were everywhere. Biscuits, toothpicks, double-sided tapes, paintings all were lying around in its most liberating way. People were struggling to adapt themselves to new tiny desks and chairs.

One day, when we were sticking around at the bar-like counter, I spotted the Cadbury candy bottle that I brought back from my Langkawi holiday as a gift to my colleagues. It was almost full of chocolates still inside, as if none had bothered touching it for the past 2 weeks.

I held up the container, turning it around and disappointingly said: Ah, seems like no one wants my chocolate. It’s been here for a while. Wendy scrutinized the container and said: Okay, let’s change it then.

The next 30 minutes saw us busy tearing double-sided tapes to patch those small chocolate pieces out of the container. I remember picturing in my mind how one takes a candy from this container, they will have to do the followings:
1. twist the container’s cap to open
2. lift it up
3. hold the cap or put it somewhere, put one hand uncomfortably inside the container to grab a cube
4. take the chocolate out and place it somewhere or still hold in handy
5. take the cap
6. adjust the cap to the position and twist to close it.
7. unwrap the chocolate cube and then you’ve got to eat it.I myself find it pretty troublesome to go through so many steps, just for a small piece of Cadbury (?!). This lead me to the next thought that assuming everyone is as lazy as me, people would also find it troublesome. Then instead of making people (users) to perform so many tasks (7 steps listed above) to reach the last step (step 7 – unwrap the chocolate and eat it), we should just make it easier and faster for them to go straight to the last step.

I wasn’t sure what went on in Wendy’s head then, but we ended up sticking all the chocolate cubes OUT onto the container. Cool right? With this, everyone can just pull out the chocolate, unwrap it and eat it (straight to step 7, YAY!)

Cadbury - repackaged

Wendy added her creative flavor to the execution. I remember feeling so excited when she glued the plastic spoon on top and said: this will make the design fluid! Fluid design!!! – that was probably the first time i came across the term but it made such a strong impression on me because of the fluidity i saw in what we were doing.

Looking at the final work, I was overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions: proud for having created something so different, hysterical for that something looking so weird, tiring for laughing uncontrollably.

The result: all candies were finished within the next 2 days. And believe me or not, it gave a sense of rewarding when seeing my ex-colleague while talking to me easily plucked out the candy and said: guess i’m consuming most of this now. Repackaging works, YES YES YES!

This must have been the most fun thing I ever did in a notice period serving time. Wendy would probably agree with me on this, hopefully LOL.


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