cracka lackin’ #funFriday


I stumbled upon this comic a while ago on Facebook. I tried to find the source and turns out that this comic is all over Tumblr, just that I haven’t found the source of all the sources yet. I guess this is probably it.
Anyway, sorry I digress.
This is just genuinely funny, especially the faces … and the shades.
Imagine people adopt this “somethinga lackin'” into their lexicons, we will have:
– I don’t like this place. It’s lighta lackin’!
– This soup is just too bland. It’s salta lackin’!
– This beata lackin’ music makes me feel sleepy.
– There should be some other ideas to work around this. We are hacka lackin’.
– How to back up our proposal? We are facta lackin’ now.
– Let’s go Fair Price, We are snacka lackin’.
LOL. Funny, no?
So that’s to end this week. Here’s to drinking with my favourite boys now and then heading off to Japan. *boggiedown*

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