Southern Ridges #trekThursday

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I remember I hiked a lot last year when two of my friends planned to climb Fansipan. Both of them are smokers so they were pretty apprehensive before the trip. So we encouraged them to train and suggested checking out all those high places in Singapore. For about 2 months, we frequented Bukit Timah Nature Reserve & Mac Ritchie Reservoir Park weekly, took all trails and walks possible. Thank goodness, my friends had made it to Fansipan successfully and I started to like hiking.

Ironically, when I just started to like hiking, I stopped hiking. My friends became lazy as there was no reason for them to train. We were also getting bored with the same routes. Personally, I was carried away with rollerblading πŸ˜€

So the other week, we decided to trek again. This time, to somewhere new: Southern Ridges. The first hiking trip of 2013! (Such a shame lol)

We spent about 3 hours for the whole journey. It was a rather hot day, stuffy and bright and I did certainly have some tan lines drawn on my back. I quite liked the feeling of walking ‘among’ those trees but I was nervous at the same time. The height phobia didn’t allow me to look down.

I found it fascinating looking at leaves. On the picture you can really see it but there are leaves of different shapes and sizes juxtaposing. In fact, it’s nice to spot one weird-looking leaf popping out from a patch of uniform leaves. And I haven’t mentioned, it’s fun to spot weird-looking animals (?) sneaking around the tree branches as well. “Look, that’s komodo!”, “Nonsense. There’s no komodo in Singapore babe!”

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So that’s the view from Henderson Waves. Hederson Waves is probably my most favourite bridge in Singapore. I like the curves made up from woody bars and how windy that place is at night. I remember one summer night, we went there and lied down, doing nothing liternally until we felt so sleepy that we couldn’t drag ourselves home.

Our journey then continued to Mount Faber. I got to check out those bars up there. Boring in day time but I’m pretty sure the bars are happening and the view is spectacular at night. How do I know that? I just got a feeling … LOL.

Anyway, the walk ended in Habour Front, gloriously with pizzas and pastas.

So you are looking for some leisure trekking activities with no tricky trails or routes, I would recommend Southern Ridges to begin with πŸ™‚


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