of ads with comparison.

I have never been staying comfortable with ads that enforce comparison between the advertised product and an anonymous product that is often marked as X (like the one above) or “other brands” label.

Take the ad above as an example.
Consumers (I, you, we) is rarely sure of the exact amount of sugar used for each product. Given an assumption that different products may contain different level of sugar, say, ranging from A to D. So by “50% less sugar”, you mean that is compared against which end A or D?

Let’s look at the fine print, it says: *In comparison to regular cultured milk drinks based on per 100ml. Total sugar test report from accredited laboratories. Then my question is what “cultured milk drinks” tested and what accredited laboratories are they? It’s not that all the reports, statistics and names would be of such a serious matter to me when learning about the products but i guess it’s conventional thinking to have a thought “if you can prove it, show it” right?

I don’t know if this is just me but anything vague, baseless, confusing or prone to create misunderstanding is always questionable.

This is more fun. #random.


(Click to enlarge)


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