learning Python (p2)

So today i’ve learned to write some brainless simple codes to do basic calculations & print out the results, exactly how i started with Java years ago.


Obviously i’m struggling with getting used to this new language, the terms and definitions, the syntax and strict indentation, all and all. You can see below i made quite a lot of mistakes repeatedly.

1. “=” is to assign, not to define as “equal”. I know about this but somehow when i first wrote the expression, it just came out as i conventionally think how the sign is used 😛
2. there’s always “:” for “if”
3. there’s a tab after “…”, before “print”
4. not equal is “!=”, not “=!” LOL.


This soooo reminds me of how i started picking up English as a new language. I used to write 1 single word for 9347384729 times on papers to memorize just the spelling. In a good way, this similar learning and practice now is training me to be more patient and meticulous. 😀

Okay, long day and I’m already tired. To be continued tomorrow, May Day 2013 = Python Day.


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