This tune caught me yesterday when I was doing some serious reading (#python). The next thing i know, I play this non-stop since yesterday afternoon till now…

5 reasons that I like this song so much.
1. The beat is nice. It carries this groove that makes me bounce.
2. Mixed by Long Halo. What can I say but all songs mixed by Long Halo are awesome.
3. Love the rapping part. I just like a moderate amount of rapping that beefs up the song.
4. I don’t quite get what the song is about. Not that I don’t understand what the singers sing. It’s just that the lyric doesn’t make any impact on me so i have totally forgone listening to the words. I’m just enjoying the beat.
5. My boyfriend – who doesn’t like music at all, blasted this song out as he thinks i will like it. He then left his computer & let me catch the song myself. It turned out that the song really met my ears 🙂


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