early riser

I’m a night owl. But I can be a morning person too. For the past 2 months I’ve been trying to get up early and do some morning workout before heading to work and so far I’m loving it.

So here are some reasons why I’m happy being an early riser. In no particular order:

  • The park is full of moving silhouettes. No one checks you out if you are running in pajamas or how funny you look with that morning sleepy face. And when you finish with sweats all over looking unglamorous, nobody cares lol.
  • I have more personal time so I can really take some time to decide the outfit of the day #girlsproblem. I can put on makeup (if I want to). I can have a proper breakfast & enjoy a cup of coffee coupled with a random short story on Wattpad. I can check out what everybody is up to on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and read some news from there too. I can water my plants 🙂
  • I will have more energy in the day. Waking up early means I have to sacrifice some of my sleep time. As a result, I often fall asleep on the bus on the way to work. The funny thing is the moment I step into the office, I don’t have any of the sleepiness lingered on me anymore. And I work with more productivity.
  • I’m tired out by 6PM and this forces me to wrap up work or take a break. I often have the mindset of ‘trying to finish whatever i’m on asap’ and often by the time i finish something, it’s too late that miss my dinner. On the other hand, I know this is a tricky thing to tap on when in many places, the culture is ‘staying late’ or ‘you can’t leave early when everyone else is still sitting there’. Whatever it is, I would say taking a break from long hours is important. You never know if you will come across some awesome ideas during the break.
  • I might lose some weight, I might gain some biceps, I might have my thighs toned a little bit, just a l.i.t.t.l.e.b.i.t.? Hopefully so 🙂 #noexpectation

There was one time i needed to run some errands in the morning and as I walked along the green fields, enjoying the fresh air with a peaceful sight of Singapore, I had a funny thought. In my mind, the morning here appears to be a young, calm and gentle girl in her 20s, afternoon paints a picture of a wrinkly sweaty grumpy women in her 50s and evening portrays a tiring working woman in her 30s. LOL! #laughatmyownimagination #selfentertaining


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