have you got CARROT-ed? @CARROT_app

I stumbled upon this article yesterday and the title got my attention. I was curious how sadistic an App can be so i downloaded CARROT to try.

It.is.so.FUN!!! (And really sadistic lol)

What I like about this app is not how well it manages my tasks (compared to Astrid) but all its personality, randomness and the fact that it makes me feel like it’s talking to me.


CARROT is moody

CARROT has mood swings.

CARROT is a badass.

CARROT does swear (that’s how i interpret “BEEP”)

CARROT likes kittens (I don’t. I just like it that a kitten is brought into our ‘conversation’)

CARROT can get bad-tempered. Tickle it!


CARROT talks to me

Because of all this, i’m abusing CARROT with adding and removing nonexistent tasks just to see what else it will come up with 🙂 And have I mentioned i love the name CARROT lol?

This is a really good example for “Idea doesn’t matter. Execution does!

More about CARROT: http://www.meetcarrot.com/


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