Form Filler

I was testing 53 loooong forms yesterday and randomly ranted to Mark about the pain of going through all fields to input data. He then passed me this Form Filler thing which has saved my life since.

Plug-in description:
Fills all form inputs in a page with dummy data.

This extension allows you to fill all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with dummy data.

This extension is a must for developers who work with forms as it avoids the need for manually entering values in fields.

– Fills all text boxes in a form.
– Supports the maxlength property.
– Randomly selects radio buttons drop-down menus and check-boxes.
– Ignores CAPTCHA, hidden, disabled and read-only fields.

How does it work for me?
– This plug-in works like a gem for me. Imagine how happy i am when the whole looong form filled with just 1 click. YAY!
– Data filled is all dummy so if you want to put certain data for testing purpose, you will still have to manually edit that field. In my experience, there was 1 form I tested before that worked perfectly fine with dummy data but when my client submitted her own actual data, the form went haywire. It did also go haywire with everyone else’s actual data. So, no matter how it is convenient to use dummy data to test, i will still recommend having one round of testing with real life data.
– Depending on each form you’re testing and some particular fields with data validation, you’d probably need to edit some settings. Eg: for phone numbers, some forms take “+1-234-56789” while others only accept digits only i.e. “123456”. No biggie.
– Just an observation, Form Filler doesn’t work on this particular form, why oh why?
– And now as I’m testing random forms on random websites, I spot some errors/bugs etc here and there. Humph!!! Do you know this is happening? If I have time later, I will report those errors to the site admins. #asifiamsofree #beinganal #busybody #actinghero #selfentertain LOL. Keywords here are “If I have time”. And probably under one more condition, i.e. before my reasoning thinking kicks in and asks me: why should i bother or mind others’ business? Anyway, i digress.

Conclusion: I love this plug-in. Thanks to whoever created it, and Mark!


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