hand-written notes

I love hand-written cards, and notes. Actually i love just about anything with hand-writing.

I have a biiiig box of cards given to me since my secondary school time. Ransacking that box is always one of my favorite pastimes. I collect cards (on all occasions), letters and notes from my parents and friends. I love tracing every lines as i read, it’s almost like tracing the lines on the palm of the writer. I feel like I can have that person sitting next to me, which can make me emotional sometimes.

And it gets to be funny when what was written has nothing to do with the purpose of the note. Some of my graduation notes are full of lyrics (most commonly from Graduation), one from my ex puppy love with instructions on how to set up an Yahoo account (ROFL!!!), the rest are purely all about random kids’ craps, the kind of craps that will put a smile on my face. Oh, now i’m reminded of that piece of paper that my ex puppy love passed to me with some cryptic codes for which he gave me a semester to decode. The next day I returned that piece of paper to him, looking at him right in the eyes and asking: is this what you want to say to me? I remember he looked disappointed, the mystery didn’t last as long as he expected i guess.

Moving on, I received cards with love, with explanations, with gratitude, with apologies, with farewell… all the stuff that has more to do with -life. And I then kind of get myself more trapped in a ‘digital’ life. Computer, phone, tablet, online messengers, social networks … all the things that are known to make people more ‘social’ (or antisocial?). The only time i used a pen in uni was for final exams. My 1st two years working, I never had a pen in my bag. I then met my dear ex-boss Mechie and she made me appreciate pen and papers more when it comes to organizing things/thoughts. Still, I can’t remember when the last time I wrote a personal note/card to someone was. I lately did get hand-written notes on CNY (:D) but practically, people don’t write to me anymore. I guess everyone is also trapped in this ‘digital’ life with all means that allow us to convey a message instantly, rather than sitting down and taking some time to contemplate how to pen your thoughts down. And at times, with a smiley face or a distorted heart.

I bid farewell to a colleague of mine last week and she gave me this card. I couldn’t help but feeling excited opening the envelop. It is just like a kid excitedly tearing the wrapping paper out of the gift box. There, I rediscovered the joy of tracing hand-writing again. At night of the same day, I got another hand-written card from another friend who is always leaving Singapore.

I guess I’m just rambling aimlessly?

On a serious note, I’d love to find out how everyone around me reacts to random hand-written notes. Maybe i shall paste a sticker on my neighbor’s door telling her that I love her plants? Maybe i should do that.



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