only do what you believe in

I define creativity as an ‘expression of self’. You cannot create great work unless a little bit of you goes into it, be it your heart, your soul or your beliefs. Whatever you create – it could be painting, writing, designing or even advertising – the work that results is an expression of you. Of course, what each of us creates may talk to different audiences and perform different functions, but, ultimately, it carries your beliefs and your thumb print. If what you create is to be successful, it has to have an integrity and humanity that touch people, and those qualities come from within. Without that, you’re just going through the motions and will almost certainly produce work that won’t last and won’t stick.

Hegarty on Advertising

Those are the words of wisdom from John Hegarty that caught me in the moment I’m utmost confused. He sets the words for creative people but I believe this can be applicable to everyone working in creative lines and widely, anyone in any other business. Simply put, one cannot produce good work if he/she does not have any belief in what he/she is doing. Business, at the end of the day boils down to individuals and personal feelings. When every individuals’ beliefs match with the business vision and goal, wishing for all stars to align is not that impractical.

Most of the time, when someone gets emotional at work, it’s believed that it is because that person is taking things personal. Why would one ever like to take things personal? I believe if given a choice, no one would; except for being insulted, publicly embarrassed or personally attacked. I like to think that people naturally can’t help it (being emotional) then when they have cared a little too much.

What are all the questions for if not because the answers can open up some room for improvements? What are all those late nights for if not because that is to make something work? What are all the efforts to go an extra mile for if not to make the clients come back for more? What are all those troubles that one can put himself/herself through if not because he/she cares? And if someone is trying to press on one spot that makes everyone else hurts, it’s probably worth checking out what that ‘noise’ is all about, giving it some serious scrutiny.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

– Winston Churchchill

And I would end this post with another quote from the book which I guess will motivate some trapped souls out there to free themselves.

As they gave up on me, I gave up on them.

– John Hegarty, one of the world’s legendary advertising men.


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