3D Printing: Make anything you want – Will it change the world?

I was just reading some random stuff about SXSW and the term ‘3D printing‘ caught my attention. So, of course i went read it up.

I’ve got some goose bumps thinking how the world will be filled with all printed clones (thinking about Sonami in Cloud Atlas) *shudder. One day, a cleverer version of Jenny might be sitting in a futuristic room somewhere, claiming “Jenny NVH is singular, its versions are mis-Jenny“. LOL, I feel amused #selfentertaining.

To take the topic more seriously, I do think there will be a lot of controversial arguments to come when 3D printing is put into popular practice including discussions on IP, ethics, human morals, conscience, authenticity, security, values and all.

I feel like we are about to walk by a door to step out to a more chaotic, out of control world than what it already is. Or maybe I’m just too imaginative?


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