oh, woman

There’s one thing that has been bugging me lately is the buzz around gender equality, or to be exact the women-focused movements.

So what I constantly hear is group A set up to support women in certain fields, group B established to provide a platform to women to share information (as if men don’t need a similar one? I bet there will be some porno actively shared then), group C introduced to give women networking opportunities, … and group Z to do some or all things that other groups are doing. Check out SGentrepreneurs’ list of women’s groups in Asia, focusing on business, technology and networking.

So i wonder what the point of calling for gender equality is when all these groups set up to support only women?

I imagine there will be a conversation like this:
– Man: hey saw you join some women groups. What’s that?
– Woman: oh, i get to know more women. We support each other in ABCXYZ, got things to share and stuff to discuss.
– Man: can i join?

Scenario 1:
– Woman: of cos. Come i’ll introduce you to some of my good women.
>>> What’s the point of a ‘women’ group then? (Think Singapore Women Startup Weekend – Women’s Edition. Guys still welcome lah!)

Scenario 2:
– Woman: no, sorry man. Women only
– Man: okay. But i like the ideas. I would want to have some similar groups only for men.
>>> Now the line between men and women is official drawn.

I belong to one of the groups mentioned in the list above too. Honestly, i find myself enjoy working with those inspiring girls and be inspired by them rather than proud of the fact that i am with a girl squad. So i guess the ‘women’ factor doesn’t play its part as a key here.

Leave the gender quality aside… I had a chance to interview Janice Fraser a while ago. When i ran through some prepared questions for Janice with my friend Joyce, I was advised to remove this particular question "How do you see yourself as a woman in the industry that seems to be more male-dominant?" as her experience says that established women generally speaking don’t like to be labelled as woman per se. Instead, they’d like to be recognized as an individual who gained success with their sweats, blood and tears.

So how i see it is:
– Women fight for gender equality by excluding themselves from men.
– Women who made it there don’t like to be considered women.

Right, I guess i have just confused myself and lead myself to nowhere so to conclude:

Inline image 1 (Src)

I sound like my ex-colleague Nic talking about his wife LOL!


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