Very briefly, I’m back.

And I saw this on Facebook.

Flashback of a conversation i had with a client. I went !@#$%^*& and he said: oh don’t say until like that. “I’m just trying to make my point, look!” – “I know but you’re making it too strong Jenny“.

If you know me well enough, there’s not much of shit i really care about in this life. But when i do, this says true to me.

Anyways, I need some inspiration, some good conversations, some motivation, some exercises, some divine intervention, some sleep, some enlightenment, some laughs, some good music with groovy beats (which is being pumped into my ears right now). In short, i just need to get over the holiday hangover and be flushed into the momentum again.

Still pondering upon the question if the problem is my attitude?

I know the holiday has officially ended when:

    • I put my feet into those slippers instead of socks and boots.
    • I saw the familiar face of that guy who i always bump into on my way to work. He seemed to notice my awesomely awkward bang.
    • I had coffee with a random fruit for breakfast. It was guava this morning.
    • So many “whatevers” popping up in my head.
    • The expected annoyance happens towards the usual mundane things.
    • I am hungry
    • I feel so bloody emo when this song is played. Sigh, the writer must have had a real heartbreaking breakup. I think i’m just a fool too, really.

“I said that I don’t care
I’d walk away whatever
And I tell myself we were bad together
But that’s just me trying to move on
You” – Just a Fool – Christina Aguilera ft. Blake Shelton

  • Client texted and asked where i am. Grateful when knowing that my return is expected.

Yea, that’s it.


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