I bought my mom an iPad as a birthday gift for her this year. Actually she asked for it so I thought she would be excited to get her hands on it. However, she turned out to be a little hesitant and awkward with the “touching” on the screen and all.

I taught her how to get herself familiarized yesterday and it seemed she was getting a little more comfortable with being “physical” about it. I then showed her to surf Facebook and she immediately got excited.

At first she was struggling with typing on the virtual keyboard but just after 5 mins, she was getting faster. Excited with the new toy, she got to reply all her friends on Facebook.

Today during lunch.
Mom: have you checked my Facebook? Anyone saying anything?
Me: not yet. I don’t know.
Mom: how about taking a picture of our meal now and post it up?
Me and my sister: ahahahahahaha
My sister: right, we should also check in
Dad: ok guys, we have to be strict on the photos to be published on Facebook. There must be some QC here
Me thinking to myself that dad just sounds exactly like a client of mine.

Later this evening, I got home late. Mom has already been in bed. When silently sneaking in, I just happened to wake her up. With a sleepy tone, she asked:
– Had dinner? What did you eat?
Me: yes. Something (I actually just had some coffee)
Mom: anyone saying anything on my Facebook?
Before I can answer, she falls back to her sleep.

So while I’m still struggling with getting around with social media at work, I at the same time have to get myself adjusted with this new #socialmedia breeze in my family too.


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