the snake year

So my dragon year has passed. I’m thankful for having had a good year. Actually I’m sure I did have a lot of down moments but I don’t seem to come across any right now at the moment, so it must have been a good year.

Anyways, here comes the snake year.

When I was at school, my dad always encouraged me and my sister to write something – anything will do (alternatively, read something if I felt lazy) on the first day of the lunar new year. It’s believed that if one does that, he/she would make progress in his/her study. I didn’t keep track of the progresses particularly but as I’m sitting here having the things I’m having, I guess the magic worked.

When I finally got out of school, I kind of keep this belief loose. I always reminded myself to write something when the year turns but somehow the kids-growing-up things (countdown, hanging out, drinking, games, late nights) which often resulted in severe hangover kept me far from having myself settled and sit down to pen some thoughts.

This year I have 30 mins left before letting it slip off again. (All this qualifies already right? LOL J/K)

I took my sister’s scooter out for a ride today. Man, it was so freaking cold. The wind slapped onto my face mercilessly. I wrapped my scarf 2 rounds around my neck, that didn’t seem to help my lung from feeling blown. I tried to be really slow, I couldn’t help but feeling nervous on every turn. My hands seemed uncomfortable in a pair of gloves. Thank goodness, the furry boots helped my feet from feeling frozen.

As I rode along the happening streets, I thought of those moments I was on the back seat. There is something about being behind someone’s back that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word to describe. I would try anyway now.

Mom is the one who took me around the most I guess, from taking me to school everyday to just running errands. I love putting my arms around her waist, playing around with that belly fat that every woman is shy of. My mom would start by saying calmly “stop it” until she shouted “STOP IT $&@&$@&$&@$” and I would hide my face on her back and laugh. Terrible daughter you say. If I was not doing that, I was quietly seeing my mom from behind. I thought of those days she had to try so hard juggling between her work, taking care of me and my sister, handling all the house chores, running around to keep the family together (if you are asking “where was your dad?”, he was doubly busy). I have no idea how she managed to do what she did. When I was on the back seat of her scooter, everything flashed back so vividly. It is strange.

It happened similarly when I sat behind my dad, my sister, my ex-boyfriend(s) and my boyfriend. I just get to see different things which I guess it’s acceptable to say that makes me appreciate that person so much more.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone that sits behind another person or even behind me? If I can, I would always choose to be the one on the back seat.

Happy lunar new year 🙂
Signing off at 11.59PM.



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