Asia’s Next Top Model

There’s a few things coming across to me after watching the first 15 mins on this video.

1. How will a model eat food that requires using … hands? Like, help me to picture a model eating chicken wings, seafood with shells or Indian food please.

2. I might be so far behind the civilization of a reality TV show but what’s with all the drama bananas? It seems to me like Helena is freaking psychotic and Sofia can not deal with peer politics. What will audience (and potential employers) perceive of these 2 girls if they happen to be eliminated right now, before they can ever redeem themselves?

I might not understand the ‘beauty’ of drama and climax in a reality show but honestly, i prefer shows that focus on ‘talents’. I just want to listen to people sing (in a singing competition), watch people dance (in a dance contest) or look at people being pretty (in this kind of show). Talents should just be known for what they are best at. I don’t mind checking out your personalities and all but i feel completely annoyed when you’re just trying too hard to be bitchy, irritating just for the sake of starring in a reality show. Seriously.

3. The challenge on etiquette at the dining table is a bit too much, for me. I find myself having thoughts like “eh your mom didn’t teach you all this ah?”, “okay, why is this etiquette thing so important for a model that it makes all these pretty girls stiff like soulless trees?”, “what’s the problem of a model not knowing how to use chopsticks?”, “why is everyone looking so miserable at the dining table?! can someone teach them to appreciate the privilege of having something to eat?”

4. Nadya, oh Nadya. It’s not personal but there’s just something about your presence that makes me uncomfortable. What’s with the strict and mean face, the diplomatic smile, the stiff poise?! I don’t know but you appear to be so much of a nicer person on Instagram (lol – me stalker). Okay, I read somewhere that you addressed this similar comment before that you don’t mean to have a mean face, it’s just a tough job etc. Ya, understand but seriously, it just makes me uncomfortable. That’s all. And it’s only me.

5. Why would some girls cry or have teary eyes when their fellows are about to be eliminated? Okay, you’re gonna say you’ve been living and working with each other like dear sisters, the bond is so strong, you’re sad for whoever leaving yadah yadah. C’mon, shouldn’t you be happy for yourself that you remain in the competition first?

I feel like playing this song Same song and dance – Eminem for you.

Girl shake that ass, you ain’t never gonna break that glass
That windshield’s too strong for you
I said yeah baby, sing that song
It’s the last song you’ll ever get the chance to sing

So i think i can conclude that:
a. I don’t understand this show (FYI, I love love love So you think you can dance, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor)
b. I don’t understand any model-related things. It’s just another fine thing in life that I don’t know how to appreciate i guess.
c. I love Eminem.

And you don’t have to agree with me.


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