24 random things

I didn’t have a very pleasant day today except hearing a monologue from Mark who was treating me like a priest. Days like today, i don’t feel like going to bed early at all. I just want to have more of some personal time to balance myself out. This explains why I have been lazing around being just useless till now.

So, i’m turning 25 in a month. For the longest time of my past 24 years i have always been the youngest person in class (yea i entered primary school at 5 while other kids did at 6.) or at work. I can feel that this is no longer to be the case any more, soon. I have started to have younger friends and younger colleagues now. The other day, I saw a friend’s status on Facebook saying "Officially on the other side of my 20s…", I was like: oh shit, my turn soon. Anyway, if you’re having an impression i’m scared of aging, i’m not. My friend Wendy’s slogan says for me too: Forever 21! Muahaha!

Here are 24 random things about me.
(*The information is accurate as at time of writing and changes could have been made since then.)

*Warning: long-winded wordy trivial things ahead.

1. I played keyboard for about 5 years when i was little. I was good at it, making my parents and grandparents really proud. I was even selected into a band until I fell off it when the workload of secondary school got heavier. I didn’t choose to give up on it. I can still read chords and play keyboard now but it’ll be just not fluent.

2. I lost my grandpa when i was 13 years old. That was the worst thing that ever happened to me. My BFF wrote in the year book that i completely changed after that. I’m not quite sure how i used to be before 13 but till now, i can’t seem to find myself sometimes.

3. I got into Computing as my 1st choice to NUS. Most of other girls entering Computing were because they failed their 1st, 2nd choice and Computing became the next option. So i have always been asked: Why computing for a girl, and 1st choice? My reason: When I was at high school, my mom (a teacher) needed a lot of help with the computer. It was just simple stuff like typing out her curriculum, putting up all the slides for her classes, editing some videos etc etc. At times, she would have out-of-the-world requests which i had no idea how to figure those out. It disappointed me when i disappointed her by saying i can’t figure that out. So naturally i had this thought: okay, if i take computing and learn more about computers, i will be able to be more of help for Mommy. That’s why i put Computing as my 1st choice and luckily i got it. Who knew about all the sleepless nights, crazy stress, self-blames, pressurized chaos pressing on that mommy’s girl in the next gruesome 4 years. Thank goodness, I departed NUS safely.

4. I hate cockroaches.

5. I regretted not taking Literature seriously when i was at school. It only dawned on me how much writing, speaking or above all expressing myself is so important when work life hits me.

6. I don’t have a concrete logic for wearing make up. I mean, it’s totally random when i decide to put make up on. And this randomness is on a daily basis.

7. I love dogs.
I don’t like cats due to bad experience with their sharp claws. I used to get traumatized when i came to this particular friend’s house, she had 3 big cats and all of them will crawl to my backpack, jump on my lap or just lie on between my legs. And my friend didn’t let me throw them out.

8. When i first knew how to ride a bicycle, I found all kinds of reasons to ride a bicycle. I would cycle to school, to the market (although the market is just a few steps from my house), to my grandmom’s house, to extra classes or ride a longer route back to forth between school and home.

9. I’m not good at naming. Don’t expect me to suggest a punchy, fantastic name for a project or campaign (a copywriter will do it better). But I like naming my stuff. My iPad is iPechie. My skateboard is Jemmy Ryan Nguyen (ROFL!!! Laughing at myself). Sometimes, my Dad will ask: what’s up between you and ‘Jeremy’? I will be like: I have ever been dating a guy named Jeremy?

10. I’m not a foodie. In fact, I’m not particular about eating. I don’t go for fine dining, lavish restaurants, long queues. I find it pointless when I don’t know how to appreciate the delicacy.

I’m also uncomfortable when asked to suggest where to eat on any occasions. I don’t want to think about or make decision on what i should eat for lunch and dinner. I don’t mind eating the same thing every day.

I will choose soup over wrap, noodle over rice, pizza over pasta, fruits over dessert and ice cream over cakes 🙂

11. I have short attention span when it comes to listening to talks, presentations, lectures. After 15 minutes, I will zone out thinking about people, life, food, cats and dogs, checking out the presenter’s hair.

12. The drinks i will order when i’m at a bar, in the order of availability: mojito, long island tea, ginger beer, coke.

13. I have to listen to music every day. Any kind of music. If there is a day when i happen to be not having a music note dropped into my ears, i would stay up late to make it up then.

14. I have this thing called "finger dyslexia" (credit to my friend Mark). I often mistype between ‘u’ and ‘i’ and sometimes ‘we’.
Eg: I want to say: i think u can do it, I would unconsciously type: i think i can do it.

Not very good when you need to taichi something right? LOL, it happens way too much often.

15. I work better with a reasonable amount of pressure, clear direction and goal. I’m not suitable for R&D job as i constantly feel lost in the middle of nowhere, don’t know where to begin where to end, skeptical on all information read/received.

16. I have more guy friends than gal friends.

17. I’m totally bad at figuring direction. I constantly get lost on the streets. I can’t read maps (thanks to technology, Google maps with the moving dot has saved my life though).

18. People have liberally gave me a lot of variations to my name over the year: Jennie, Jeni, Jenni, Jarnie, Jeny. WHY?!

19. I’m forever mistaken as a Chinese, sometimes Korean, Japanese. I am always stopped on the street or approached in Watsons by promoters who unhesitatingly shoot Mandarin non-stop to me until i feel so awkward and trapped that i don’t even want to speak up to disappoint them.

20. When it comes to work, I write down everything. I mean, literally every.single.thing. Even after spending 873929842942 hours sorting out a thing and be extremely clear on the agreement, I will still spend another 1 hour to realign everything in my head, write everything down and send to everyone.

Reasons for doing this:

a. I don’t want to remember anything. I don’t trust my memory. I make things traceable.
b. My thoughts are sorted when things are written down.
c. I cover my own ass. I get everyone to confirm on things we discuss verbally with written proof.
d. I don’t want to repeat myself when things are screwed up.

21. Although i like to write (point .20) I like to talk to sort things out too. When an issue arises, the first thing i’d do is make a call to client/boss/whoever having a problem to understand exactly what’s happening before making any assumption to put my reaction in writing.

22. Three most regularly-asked questions I’ve got are:
– Are you Chinese?
– What brought you here? (After they know i’m not Chinese)
– Why Computing? (I didn’t get to be asked this anymore after graduation).

23. I don’t drink coffee except for these occasions:
a. I’m stressed
b. I’m sleepy
c. I need to entertain someone at the cafe.

24. My right knee hurts so much now. This is the first time i have ever got an issue with my knee and it’s so uncomfortable. I don’t know whether it’s due to all the morning jogs I’ve been doing for 2 weeks or me donning fancy heels at times or because of any other reason. It’s just painful 😦 😦 😦


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