checking out Bitstrips

I said to my colleague i hadn’t checked out what my friends have been up to on Facebook for a few days this morning. This evening, i have found myself spending half an hour on Bitstrips.

It’s a Facebook app that lets you create comic:
(1) as an image for your status update;
(2) with your friends; or
(3) as a greeting card.

I have to admit the avatar creation was pretty painful. It was just because there are too many details we can customize; from hair, body, nose, face to eyebrows, eyelashes, jaw line, blush, lipstick @_@.

Does she look like me?
Once the avatar is set, you will be presented with some options of avatar pic “with actions”.

Then off you go to create your very own comic.

You will be offered with different contexts categorized by Moods (good, bad, mad…). Situations (work, home, school…) and Announcements (likes, dislikes…). I just think the “Jenny demands an explanation” happens to me everyday.

After you’ve chosen your context, here comes the cool thing. You can customize every single thing on the so-called template. (Okay, i know I’ve just said customization is painful above but this is just too cool). I mean seriously, every single thing.

Check out the screenshots below.

If you notice, i have moved around tiny little details like the steam coming out of my coffee, my dancing leg, my hand, the chair, the head position, the eye balls … How can this happen???! I’m very puzzled and curious to find out what kind of fancy technology/technique/programming language/whatever it takes the developer to develop this.

Okay, I haven’t tried creating comic with any friend or creating a greeting card but guess it’d be cool.

Anyways, it’s worth checking it out. Go create your own comic already.

I created the below for my own amusement hehe.


(Don’t ask why Nic is so mean. He’s just jealous of me being so cool uh huh)


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