the kids who burst the stadium

My boyfriend has got to watch the match between Saigon Heat and San Miguel Beermen of the Philippines (more details of the match here) in Saigon over the weekend and he shot this video.

An intense battle between the owner, Connor Nguyen and the coach (not sure what his name is) of SGH versus 2 little greenie cuties which i have no clue where they are from.

My gosh, the kids are too cute i feel like i can hold them dearly on my palm and put them into my jacket pocket. The girl’s pony tail is just so … awww.

And what’s with the incredible stamina in those little figures wrapped by baggy t-shirts tucked in black shorts? They were running like 9348320498204820 rounds back and forth from one end to the other. I swear i can run for 2 rounds maximum and i would need 1 hour to catch my breath after that, probably more.

And the amazing thing is they are unexpectedly good. Great skill, aggressive, steady & fast. Aim right and score just soundly. I hope these kids keep playing like this and may they be shining stars on big basketball courts in the future 🙂

Do i have to add more that Connor looked dramatically hilarious with all his exaggerating gestures? So wrong that it became so right.


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