what’s chu pain?

Do you have a list of pain points (for anyfuckingthing) that you want to change or improve?

I do, with 10 things first:

1. I always forget to take my regular supplements.
Similarly, my mom always forgets to apply moisturizers on her face and hands before going to bed..

2. I was in a project discussion last week and when it came to decide which storage space we should use, we were torn between Google Drive and DropBox. GDrive and DBox, both of you are equally and complementarily awesome, I just need you guys to sync or talk to each other.

3. Over that last 2 months, I and my friends have arranged about 10 gatherings (that much because of festive season :P) through countless emails and … never-ending Whatsapp threads. It has been quite a pain when discussing timing that everyone can fit in. Doodle.com has proved to be really helpful for ‘easy scheduling’. I wish it could be integrated with Whatsapp or any mobile instant messengers with group chat function (Line, Skype…)

4. I want to have a theme song (and probably a ‘mood’ icon) for every single blog posts of mine. If I remember correctly, LiveJournal used to have this "is listening to…" thingy where users can write there what song they are listening to. If WordPress could have this same "thingy" and to be cooler, have a list of song for users to select and for readers to play then song directly on the blog while they are reading the post, it would be super dope.

5. Google Doc has been a one-choice-only for me when it comes to project collaboration that involves document sharing and updating, status reporting, task management etc… There is only one thing I’m not comfortable with, that is it’s hard to tell which updates have been made and by whom over time. I know there is this thing called ‘revision’ in place for this tracking purpose, yet it’s not visually clear enough for me :p. If a document is edited with several editors at the same time, I would love to have each edit color-coded by-editor.

6. Sannhac.com should have a mobile version. ‘Nuff said.

7. Being in such a happening industry, I often receive news/updates/invites for various events coming from all sources like Facebook, emails, newsletters, eventbrite.com, meetup.com, flickevents.com and even mail-drops. I would love to have a kind of event manager (not the calendar – I will explain why) in which I can subscribe to various sources aforementioned. This event manager will aggregate events, inform me what’s coming up, let me do registration with a few simple clicks, remind me when the event is around the corner, check me in when I’m on site and probably enable me to do some sort of post-event review. Gamification can potentially make it more fun.

The key thing here is to "aggregate news of events from various sources that I mentioned above" – so you can free yourself from checking out certain portals regularly or updating your calendar manually to note down the upcoming events.

I would definitely need a mobile app for this too.

8. Same pain as no. 7 but on online shopping, well… probably slightly different.

First of all, I never remember my measurements. Yea, bizarre as it may sound. If you have an irresistible need to say "WTF? How come?", say it already. And I can’t process info in inches/foot/feet/pounce etc and etc so I often myself confused looking at those specs. Too bad for me, there’s a number of sellers preferring that imo, so non-Asian measurements.

Secondly, I guess it’s common to think of selling used stuff when one doesn’t need it anymore. The challenge for me here is as following. Say when I buy a dress from an online blog shop or ASOS, the seller provides me with 1. Nice pictures of a lovely model wearing that dress and 2. A set of measurements of the dress. After 2 months owning that dress, I decide that pre-loved piece deserves a new owner, therefore i put it on sale. Unfortunately, ASOS has removed the item (when no stock left) and they don’t have archive (let’s just assume that! – even when they have archive, I doubt they would bother digging it out for a customer with a random request), then now I don’t have a nice picture for the dress and also no measurement.

Okay, you can argue i should take new photos of the dress at that current state and measuring it all over again should not be such a big deal. But but but, i’m … lazy. So here’s how i think i can help myself.

I’d like to have ‘something’ that can keep track of all my online purchases. That ‘something’ should allow me to add all online shopping sites such as ASOS, eBay, Qoo10 (formerly known as Gmarket) that of my interest. It will keep track of all my purchases which include all details that the sellers put up for the item. It will also enable me to put up pre-owned items (that are in my purchase list) on sale or trade with others. That’s probably the least i would look out for in this ‘something’ 😀

9. Youtube ads are just plainly irritating. Mentioning ads, I’d like to add why the fish Zalora ads are popping up everyfuckingwhere??!

10. My Google Reader has gradually become a mess over time witnessing my procrastination in processing news and constant expansion/change of different interests. I need a better way to classify my intake of info. Schpaper?


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