Re-post this of what i wrote for a fun silly project i did with my friend.


Have you been in a situation like this:
– You’re in a super packed train and everybody is squeezing.
– You’re surfing Facebook on your phone and you can feel the person standing next to you is staring at your phone screen. (Screw those kpoh people but what to do, they exist)
– BAM! Boobs, asses or women in embarrassing positions from your friend’s Facebook appear on your phone screen
– And you think: shit, do i look like a pervert surfing porn here?

For those who don’t like kids (why oh why people, kids are damn cute), they can replace kid pictures with unbaby.me app (but i believe this is a web-based app).

I was thinking of a similar app for mobile users (let’s call it unsexy.me) where porno-related images would be detected and auto replaced with cats-in-the-same-position images. For example:

Inline image 1Inline image 2

It’s gonna save your face in the public and at the same time, challenge your imagination *wink.


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