How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen?

I had a serious lunch conversation with my friend the other day and we were both on the same wavelength of “yea the idea is here, now what?“.

There was one point she mentioned she intended to learn everything and just get on with it, i immediately objected to that idea. I believe in learning new stuff and putting yourself out there for different new exposure and whatever whatever. However, at the same time, i strongly believe in 2 things:

1 person shouldn’t do 2 things. Everyone should place their undivided attention on what they do best and be given the chance to do so.
1 thing shouldn’t be done by 2 people. Conflict of interest, difference in approach, misalignment in management, non-compromising in agreement/negotiation … all these are bound to create a bloody mess out of a simple thing.

With that in mind, i urged her to go get a developer instead. And she found some useful info below which i can also tap on for my reference 😛

So Derek Sivers has some wise words for
> Create a prototype version 0.1 for idea
> How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen.

Definitely good tips i should take note of.


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