a rainy day at Labrador Park

I went to Labrador Park today to reconcile with my roller-blades. It was good for the 1st 30 mins and I even managed to snap a decent photo of the shore. Spot some dark clouds?

The next 1.5 hours were horrible.

Out of nowhere, it started pouring. There was no proper shelter on the walkway from Labrador Park to Habourfront so I had no choice but skated through the rain. Okay, at least i did something i had never done before this year. But I soon turned to be a drenched rat. Until one point when I think i’d better save my rollerblades, I took them out and carried them all the way till i found a bus stop. Oh boy, it was good exercise, i think i’ve just had some biceps >.<

Anyway, I reached home safely with everything soaked in the rain. My hair, my clothes, my rollerblades (partially), myself, my iPod, my brain, my pulse … this can never happen again.


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