Upon reaching (at about 12pm), we went straight to 3 roller-coasters which took us about 2 hours. After that, my friends were like:

– Okay, what time we go for dinner?
– Let’s grab some coffee now at Old Town and play card game?
– Can we go shopping?
– Seafood! Seafood! Seafood!


In a nutshell, Legoland can be quite boring for adults. I thought I wouldn’t take any roller-coasters at all but i went for all of those. They were not that scary. The 4D show was just a okay. The other show was omg-so-boring, i literally dozed off within that 20 min duration. The tower & the train ride… *yawn, boring too.

All my friends said they preferred Universal Studio. I prefer Disneyland in HK. So I have concluded that Legoland should only be visited by kids.

The fun part of the trip was the fact that I got to hang out with my friends (a big group of 11 people) and we talked crap. The kind of crap that can make anyone happy and high and suddenly, why is everyone so good at articulating and elaborating stories? Hahahaha!

Looking forward to the next gathering. When and where – who’s organizing?


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