the thermo mug

A friend of ours gave my boyfriend this mug for his birthday when she visited us last summer. She said it’s a “thermo” cup which can keep the water hot/warm for like 384782984201321 hours – something along that line so i remember i was pretty impressed.

My water bottle at office cracked lately and i haven’t got a chance to get a new one. So this morning i thought i would just take this thermo mug to replace (of course with a permission :P).

Excited to try the new cup, I made my daily tea and unhesitatingly poured boiling water in. I then made my coffee and 5 seconds later, after i put the kettle down and grabbed both cups to take them to my desk, i realized the thermo mug has become a fireball. It was so bloody hot omg!

So here’s the thing.

As a “thermo” mug, it’s expected to handle hot water quite well. Now, the mug is sooooo hot, how to handle the mug without a … handler? (*pun intended) And if it meets the reputation of being able to keep the water hot/warm for 384782984201321 hours, does that mean i can only drink my tea after 384782984201321 hours? Wah… *raiseeyebrows *naggyface

I think it could have been better designed.

Anyways, this is how i handle my mug. If there’s such a song like Club Can’t Handle Me in the mug’s world, i imagine this mug is happily singing Human Can’t Handle Me. Bleahhh~


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