Hello 2013

2012 has certainly been a year to remember for me.

I spent the first half of the year breathing real advertising agency air and working with some nicest people in the industry – who have turned out to be my favourite friends since then. I learned tremendously from my bosses, my colleagues and my clients. All those things well prepared me for the next leap. Now when i look back, I can unhesitatingly say TYA had given me the best agency experience ever, including countless glasses of mojito taken.

In the second half of the year, I came back to the digital scene. Here, I had a chance to work with people who don’t really speak the language I’ve been speaking and who don’t think the way I’ve been thinking. And this has opened a new horizon for me to explore. I would say this is challenging in a categorically different way.


– I’ve been traveling around, taking short and long breaks here and there whenever i have time (or to be more practical, when there are air-ticket sales :P).
– I didn’t make it for the Award School. Will try again this year and fight until victory is won.
– I haven’t done much reading – which i have felt extremely guilty about.
– I completed the Gamification course on coursera (YAY! :)).
– I remember to take supplements more regularly (so my mom doesn’t get upset with me neglecting taking care of myself).
– I have been pretty serious about rollerblading. All thanks to my friends Wendy and Syn-Ee.
– I have been doing so much of dish-washing if you know what i mean.
– I have reconnected to some long-lost uni friends. Lame jokes can make people fall off the chair laughing – trust me on this.
– I have learned to let go things that don’t make my life any meaningful.
– I had a chance to work with some most inspiring geek girls from SGG and they don’t fail to inspire me every once in a while with their enthusiasm, initiative and hunger to learn.
– I have certainly written more than i did in 2011. That doesn’t necessarily mean my thoughts are more sorted out. In fact, i still have a mess in my head and i haven’t figured it out yet.

So I’m thankful that 2012 has ended with everything on a good note, for all the things I’ve done and had and for all the things that my family, friends, colleagues, co-workers have done for me. Certainly with an extra dose of sleepiness and tiresome when my friends stayed up till 6am for some silly games yesterday.

I honestly haven’t thought of what to map out for my already-here 2013 yet. I would need some time to cogitate, hopefully be able to sort it out before 2013 ends 🙂 Okay, you know i’m #justkidding.

Happy Ngyu Year!

My ex-colleague was the one inventing the word “Ngyu”.

Inline image 1


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