A crash course on creativity – Stanford University

I had a crazy day at work yesterday. Major headache over something noone had a clue what and why. Anyways, I left office at about 10pm, picked up Gau at his office (he worked till 10pm also), had Teochew porridge for dinner (aiya! let’s get fat together! who cares, life is so short!) and went home at about half past 11.

Although dead tired, i managed to catch the opening lecture of the Crash Course on Creativity offered by Standford University. YEAH! Excited excited excited. First the course seems to helpful (well i hope i can think more creatively after this course). Secondly, my good friend Wendy is taking this course with me so we can discuss about it together. It’s always fun to do something with company.

I saw my project mates assigned this morning. Excited too when i see strange names in the group. I don’t know what they do, where they come from, how committed they are for this course. I guess a little mystery makes everything more fun. I don’t know why i didn’t feel this excited back to the days i was in NUS. All projects seemed like drags with mad rush, fears and anxiety. I think the mentality is different when you study something at your discretion.

Olright, here we go. Go forth and be creative!


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