thanks Coffee Bean for the free wifi

What has always been triggering me to question is why Singapore cafes, restaurants (mostly) or shopping malls do NOT offer free Wifi to customers?

When I was in Hong Kong, my boyfriend always got Wifi in every shopping malls we went to. He could then just chillax on the waiting bench and let me spend my own sweet time to do all the shopping. Isn’t it good for the outlets? Or when we were in Kota Kinabalu, a small town in Malaysia, we always got free Wifi as well. It came as a bonus as we really didn’t expect to get free Wifi (which i figuratively interpret as something advanced) in such a small peaceful town. On the other hands, Starbucks and Mac Donald’s in those cities always offer free Wifi as well…

So why don’t we have it in Singapore? Well, maybe there are outlets that offer but honestly i haven’t ever run into one so i asked my boyfriend: Why so? (Yea i’m that irritating, i asked my boyfriend everything). My boyfriend said: yea because everyone in Singapore has 3G. He makes sense but really, i can never use my 3G in Vivo City or Bugis. Sometimes i can and it takes forever to load a thing. If every cafes or restaurants offer free Wifi, the patrons could use free Wifi and others use 3G right? Everyone will get a bigger piece of the connection. Anyways, I’m not so sure about the details and concerns that each cafe/restaurant owner has but i guess getting an Internet line for your shop isn’t that much of an investment.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to thanks Coffee Bean outlet in Fuji Xerox Towers actually LOL. I was having meetings from 2-7PM with my clients in FX Towers yesterday and i needed to show some stuff in my computer. I had prepared myself that there won’t be Internet there however, when i accidentally clicked on a hyperlink, this is what came to my browser. A surprise treat from Coffee Bean, whoohoo! Thanks for the FREE WIFI!! And I love love love the design of the landing page. An awesome way to reach to your customers and potential customers 😀 And thanks for ironing my itchy ass about free internet hahaha.


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