google, be relevant!

If you notice, Google has changed/shuffled all the links on top in Gmail for a while. If i remember correctly, I used to get Reader, Documents etc here. Now my Reader is under More (and it’s way down in the list) and Docs is on the page where i land if i click Even More.

Now I understand that Google wants to promote their awesome services like Play and Youtube etc and by the way what is Drive? Thing is all these are not relevant to me at all.

Let’s consider each:
– + Jenny: this is my Gplus. It’s only okay because it sounds my name. I’m still with Facebook guys.
– Search: okay. I usually hit “Ctr + T” and start typing when i want to search for something. So i think it’s okay to place the shortcut there but frankly speaking I.don’
– Image: I don’t need this either. I will search first and click on Images tab on the Search page
– Maps: This can stay, i need it (although in fact i’m not using it frequently)
– Play: Totally useless for me. The last I check, all games are by Android. Hey hey, i’m with iOS…
– YouTube: don’t think i need a shortcut of this while on my email page but it’s fine, i’m using it frequently so Youtube, you can stay here with me
– News: never read News on Google. I read news from Facebook and please give me something to consider Google News
– Gmail: this must be my most favourite all-time love from Google services and I’m sure it’s the 2nd dominant outstanding service from Google, partly for which Google is loved. So why is it soooo like at the end of the list?
– Drive: totally have no idea when i see this Drive thing. It turned out to be similar like Google Docs?! Bloody confusing. I’m not sure, I’m not using and the name doesn’t ring any bell to me.
– Calendar: Okay i’d love this to be moved a little up on top of the list
– More: I don’t care what’s listed under this.

Anyway, what i’m trying to say it most of those links are not relevant to me at all. I guess Google should consider the fact that when we were on Gmail/email, it’s most likely that we are in a serious mode, trying to crack things out. I would suggest Google keep all those administration-related aid there for example: Calendar, Docs, Maps, Readers etc… and please leave all your entertainment tools one side. I would love to check out Play and YouTube and the rest once in a while but not like everyday, every time we open our emails. Honestly, get the fact that these platforms are time killers and they can be the biggest distraction and counter-productivity for any one.

Or if Google enables users to select the services for which shortcuts can be placed there, it would be really cool.


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