the shore that brings us life

I guess everyone is familiar with the song Home sung by Kit Chan in Singapore National Day Parade 2010? It’s by far my most favourite SND song.

I love the song just not only because it sounds so nice (ear-catchy is the word?), it’s also because I can relate to the lyrics (i have been here for 8 years so the relatedness is there okay?!), especially these lines:

I will always recall the city
Know every street and shore
Sail down the river which brings us life

It’s so picturesque and all i can imagine out of the words is a city with peaceful habor and shore lying in the sun. It’s such a beautiful picture yet funnily enough, my real life experience doesn’t say that. Sentosa is always crowded. Haborfront is busy with BatamFast ferries going in and out twice every day. East Coast and West Coast are full of industrial boats. I guess it’s the same with Jurong East/Jurong Island (?!). Never been to Punggol so I won’t be able to say for Punggol. In short, I had just not met the shore of my imagination here in Singapore … until last weekend.

I finally found it!

It’s there lying peacefully by the connector from Labrador Park to HabourFront. Boats are sleeping along the shore. The residents along the stretch is calm and quiet. I guess i’m just bad at describing scenery but it was simply breathtaking. I would let the pictures paint a thousand words then.


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